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Editor Productivity App Preorder

Editor Productivity App Preorder

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Running a business while in school is stressful...

As student freelancers, we know how overwhelming it can be to balance school work while running a business. Every other "productivity" app we've tried never seems to work and feels incredibly boring. So why can't productivity be fun? 🤔

That's why we began working on a project that 'gamifies' the management and organization processes of both school and business work 👾 is a To-Do list on "video game" steroids.

🎯 Features:

It has a task and project manager which allows you to see exactly which tasks you need to complete for each major project. It also allows you to separate projects from school and business-related work so that you never feel overwhelmed. The calendar function also alerts you to start certain tasks based on their deadline to help you defeat procrastination. Best yet, all of this is built like a video game. You can earn points for completing tasks to upgrade your character and town. 

While we aren't the first to gamify productivity, we certainly believe we are the best in terms of academic and entrepreneurial-related work. 

Life is stressful, play makes it fun - Ali Abdaal

📲 Why Preorder?

By pre-ordering for just $1, you will:

  • Get Early Lifetime Access to our Notion Prototype template. Enjoy the task and project manager functionality immediately by ordering the template for literally $1.00...
  • Get Early Exclusive Access: Be among the first to use the app and experience its features before the official release.
  • Receive Monthly Updates: Stay informed with monthly development updates on the app's progress.
  • Lifetime Pro-Plan Access: Get lifetime access to our soon-to-be Pro subscription plan of the app. This would include advanced project integration features, and exclusive player skins and merch.

The beta testing phase will close shortly within a few months of this preorder release. After that, there will never be a chance to purchase the pro-plan of the app for a one-time price.

Join us on this exciting adventure by preorder now for just $1... 

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