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FREE Friend Referral Gift (Free Through Referral)

FREE Friend Referral Gift (Free Through Referral)

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ONLY Free Through Referral Email Code*

Dive into the magic of our FREE Sample Preset Pack, a special offering available only to customers invited by a friend on Whats Included:

  • CRT Glitch Overlay (4K File): Immerse your content in a nostalgic atmosphere with our high-quality CRT Glitch Overlay. Watch as your videos transform into a mesmerizing blend of vintage and contemporary aesthetics.

  • Stop Motion Paint Animation Overlay (4K File): Unleash your artistic side with the Stop Motion Paint Animation Overlay. Turn your footage into a dynamic canvas, featuring animated paint strokes that add a unique and creative touch to your projects.

  • Sample Title Preset MOGRT File: Streamline your title creation process with our Sample Title Preset MOGRT File. Effortlessly integrate eye-catching titles into your videos, giving them a professional and polished look.

  • 3D Chrome Animation Overlay Effect (4K File): Elevate your visuals to new heights with the futuristic 3D Chrome Animation Overlay Effect. Give your videos a modern and sophisticated edge, captivating your audience with stunning visual effects.

Want even MORE free stuff? – By inviting another friend to join us on, you unlock another FREE Preset Pack. Share the creative love and enjoy even more exciting tools to enhance your editing journey. Get your FREE Sample Preset Pack now and invite a friend to double the creative fun!

How do I use it?

Open up your editing software, simply drag and drop all files and BOOM! Ready to edit!


With the pack you, the creative, have the ability to level up your music video effect game AND save time!

How 🔥 are the presets?

Incredibly fire. We almost burnt down the building while designing them.

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