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The Ultimate Editor Pack Sample

The Ultimate Editor Pack Sample

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Unlock the potential of your editing projects with our exclusive Free Sample Pack from the "Ultimate Editor's Master Bundle." This free pack includes a taste of our top-notch presets, giving you a glimpse of how much easier and faster your editing process can be. Here's what's inside:

Free Sample Pack Contents:

  1. TOP 15 Essential Music Video Title Templates Pack
    • A dynamic title template to make your music videos stand out.
  2. Shake It Up: The Ultimate Camera Shake Preset Pack
    • A versatile camera shake preset to add a professional touch to your scenes.
  3. 3D Chrome Overlay Pack
    • A sleek 3D chrome overlay for a polished, high-end look.
  4. Paint Overlay Stop Motion Preset Pack
    • A unique paint overlay preset for a creative stop-motion effect.
  5. Low Shutter Speed Film Preset Pack
    • A low shutter speed preset to give your footage a cinematic feel.
  6. The Ultimate CRT Overlay Preset Pack
    • A retro CRT overlay for a nostalgic, vintage vibe.
  7. Music Video Title Preset Pack Vol. 2
    • An additional title template to enhance your music video edits.
  8. Grunge Flash Preset Pack Adobe Lightroom (10 PRESETS)
    • A gritty grunge flash preset to add dramatic flair to your photos.
  9. Shake It Up V2: The Ultimate Camera Shake Preset Pack
    • An upgraded camera shake preset for even more dynamic shots.
  10. Subtitle Presets Pack
    • A clean and stylish subtitle preset for clear, engaging captions.
  11. Glowing Chrome Title Cards Pack
    • A glowing chrome title card to make your titles shine.


  • Compatibility: Works seamlessly with Premiere Pro & After Effects. Overlay packs are compatible with all editing software.
  • Ease of Use: Drag-and-drop functionality for quick integration.
  • Resolution: Versatile 4K overlays.
  • Tutorials: Each preset comes with an easy-to-follow video tutorial.
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